Room, Building and Architectural Acoustics

Room, Building and Architectural Acoustics

Room, Building and Architectural acoustics plays a major role in achieveing speech privacy and speech clarity in our living and working spaces. The acoustic design of a room depends upon the intended use of the room. Rooms for speech applications have different requirements from rooms with music  applications. Different types of rooms will have the requirement of different acoustic characteristics. The acoustic treatment can be customized to fit your budget and aesthetic preferences.

What we offer?

Based on the size, shape and application of a room, be it a recording studio, auditorium, place of worship, convention center or exhibition hall, we are able to provide an acoustic design to achieve the best possible acoustic outcome.

Our Tool Kit

We have a range of tools to give you the best acoustic design and test reports.

3D Modelling

We use the latest 3D modelling software to create 3D models of your rooms and spaces for the purpose of acoustic simulation.

Simulation Software

We use the latest acoustic simulation software with ray tracing features to analyse the room and optimize the design for the specified application


We are able to simulate how the room or space will sound at different locations before the room is even built. This will give you, the customer a good idea of how your room or space will sound and help you in making better design decisions.

Testing Equipment

We have at our disposal the following state of the art equipment to test the acoustic characteristics of your room or space before and after completion.

  1. Class 1 Sound Level Meter
  2. Pink Noise Generator
  3. Speakers

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dB Acoustique are Acoustic Consultants based in Bangalore. We offer home, office, room, building, architectural and environmental acoustics and vibration consulting services all over India.

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