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Environmental Noise Acoustics

Noise Pollution is what usually comes to mind when one thinks of environmental noise or acoustics. Community noise is of major concern in a country like India with densely packed cities. Pubs and discotheques are on the rise, especially in a city like Bengaluru. Community noise from traffic(road, rail, air), from industry and other sources is also of major concern today. Acceptable noise levels for various zones in India are given in the table below.

Zone Noise Levels(Day Time) Noise Levels(Night Time)
Industrial Area 75 dBA 65 dBA
Commercial Area 65 dBA 55 dBA
Residential Area 55 dBA 45 dBA
Silence Zone 50 dBA 40 dbA

More information on Noise Pollution Norms in India are available at the page below.

Noise Pollution Norms

What we offer?

Noise Survey

We are able to measure environmental noise levels using our state of the art Class 1 Sound Level Meter. We can measure day time and night time noise levels and provide you with a detailed noise analysis. We are also able to provide noise maps using state of the art environmental noise software packages.

Noise Barrier Design

Based on the noise levels observed and the site conditions we can design effective noise barriers to block most high-frequency noise from disturbing you.

Facade Design

Your building’s facade acts as a noise barrier and isolates you from the external environment. We are able to recommend the best facade design for your dwelling, building or office to insulate from external noise.

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